Welcome to my personal page! I am a mechanical engineer from the Netherlands and PhD candidate within the department of Mechanical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology. On my page you will find a collection of my work and projects. Explore! And feel free to contact me.


Maarten Jongeneel works as a PhD candidate in the Dynamics and Control section within the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is involved in the H2020 European Project on Impact-Aware Manipulation (I.AM.) where he is responsible for modeling and validation of impact models for known robots and objects from motion capture and robot proprioception sensor data. These models will serve as the basis to the envisioned impact-aware planning, learning, control, and sensing robot modules, with the focus on three scenarios: tossing, boxing, and grabbing of objects in logistic applications.


I've always liked to travel and take pictures of the places I visit. On this page you can view a collection of the pictures I took during my travels around the world. My equipment involves a Nikon D50, Nikon D5100, and a Panasonic DMC-TZ40.


I started developing software in 2014 in Matlab for modeling and data-analysis purposes. I later changed to python, C++, Arduino, and Javascript to develop software ranging from low-level algorithms and data structures to embedded software and web design. I have a keen eye for automating processes and modular coding especially in the data analytics field. As a result, I have developed various software tools such as done for the Impact-Aware Robotics database where various sensor data from diverse robotic setups is collected and structurally stored to guarantee reproducibility and interoperability of the data. Recently, my focus has shifted towards embedded software to control the circuitry of physical technology such as the EtherCAT interface to control I/O of a robotic setup. The work on this website is a combination of personal projects I developed in my spare time, as well as work-related projects where I was the main or lead developer. All code is publicly available on my personal Github page. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy solving meaningful problems in a simplistic, modular, and lightweight approach.


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